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right hand pointing

since 2004: Short poetry and
short fiction

One Sentence Poems

a print journal, twice a year, haiku & senryu

a quarterly journal
of prose poetry

found poetry / found art

Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press

Dale Wisely, publisher

In memory of Mike James (d. 2023)

Count out the steps to the closest source of light

Save all the letters you receive, let them be a constant, 

a journal of all that you know. 

Read the comics while in the bathtub. 

Be both ordinary & mystic.

Mike James

Senior Editors

F. John Sharp, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco,
Ken Chau, Howie Good,
Michael Dylan Welch, Dale Wisely


Annie Stenzel, Bill McCloud, Eric Burke,
Ina Roy-Faderman, Katherine DiBella Seluja,
F. J. Bergmann, Natalie Wolf,
Steve Klepetar, Tom Fugalli, Tina Carlson


Laura M Kaminski, Robert Scotellaro, Tony Press,
Mike James, RL Black, José Angel Araguz, Brenda Birenbaum