Catholic Contemplative Poems

by Janice Nelson

Orthodox and heartfelt rhymes that will lift your mind and heart toward God.

--Connie Rossini, author of The Contemplative Rosary

Janice Nelson’s books include Rhyme Time, original rhymes for children about daily living, basic information and math concepts; Stations of the Cross with an Examination of Conscience in English and Spanish, and The Year of Saint Joseph, A Prayer Companion.

Longing for Jesus

Lord Jesus may I see You.

Teach me to listen to You.

May I be guided by you.

Strengthen me to defend You.

Grant me peace to rest with You.

With joy may I worship You.

Grant me courage to defend You.

May I sing praises to You.

May I shout with joy of You.

Grant me grace to receive You.

Open my heart to serve You.

Washed clean, forgiven by You.

Lord Jesus, I adore You.

Lord Jesus, draw me to You.

May I be caressed by You.

Take me to Heaven with You.

Face to face may I see You.


Birmingham, Alabama