Progress note


Progress note


Document has been revised

80-year-old male

(Holy) shortness of breath denied fever

no cough no no numbness of any part of (body)

no no no no no no sh sh sh (holy)

Was slow to respond and was clearly short of breath but…

he had no symptoms whatsoever


that note has not been completed so

I do not know what happened

Nevertheless, he is currently needing…time

flies findings suspicious ground glass opacities

I have been unable to pull the images

Call placed to his wife There was no answer

I placed a phone call to his daughter twice No one picks up the phone call

worsening on vapotherm requested ICU bed…if available

Negative except

Negative except

Negative except

Will try to transfer to ICU

initially declined Remdesivir was later persuaded

However, at this point he is out of the window



Daughter wants the patient to be intubated

but might be less inclined

Wife is intubated…

Son is admitted…