Progress note


Verified progress



67-year-old widow


(Holy Holy Holy)

Her son also tested positive



November 26---5-to-12-liter oxymizer 15-liter oxymizer November on BiPAP on BiPAP November BiPAP…December off BiPAP and now on 15 liters off BiPAP and on nonrebreathing mask 15 liters on 15-liter oxymizer stuck on 15-liter Oxymizer currently on 15-liter non

nonrebreathing mask December still on 15-liter nonrebreathing mask eyes appear faint

Descending pall

bearer of news

CODE STATUS (Patient is full code)

I had been updating patient’s daughter however she has become ill

and I will now be updating family spokesman

Patient should be receiving manmade antibodies however

this drug is not available

answering machine is on I left him an update

on the machine