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Progress note

Basic information

59-year-old female who presents with…fever (fear).

presents with several complaints, chief among which is fever (fear)

she began to notice

fever and chills and measured her temperature multiple times

dry cough chest tightness rising degrees Fahrenheit

nausea (fear) is the greatest affecting her


she was tested and informed today

her daughter also tested positive

11/28---bumped up to 5 liters from 4

11/29---significant risk chest chest chest xray

11/30---we will order Remdesivir as we have a supply available

11/31---oxygen up to 7 thump

11/32---pulse is up fear of heights

11/33---she is very concerned about her father

12/35---who is also hospitalized

11/34---4 liters home on 4 liters

12/05---was concerned